Ontario, Canada Ministry of Education

Elementary E-Learning Platform & Virtual School

Explore online course content aligned with the Ontario curriculum.

Set a schedule for your learner that suits their needs.

Access the content from anywhere in the world.

Build a unique educational experience for your learner.


Ontario (Canada) Ministry Of Education approved Elementary E-learning Platform & Virtual School

Student Program Benefits

  • Registered as Canadian students
  • Report cards issued by the Canada, Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Access to the Ontario Ministry of Education approved “Blended Learning” Digital Learning Platform
  • Access to North American scholarships & funding
  • Student Visa Fast Track acceptance by the Canadian government
  • Graduate Students in Canada will receive Permanent Residence / Canadian passport

Open a World of Learning Possibilities

Ontario Global Academy’s provides you with the tools to provide your learner with an individualized, high-quality elementary education. Immerse your learner in engaging lessons and assessments that combine online and hands-on activities. With options to complete each course independently or with a qualified teacher, you decide how to deliver the curriculum. Our asynchronous courses allow students to register any day of the year and work on their courses at their own pace. The opportunities to meet your learner’s needs with Ontario Global Academy’s are endless.

Leading the World

The Ministry of Ontario curriculum is ranked in the top 15% in the world (according to PISA) Over-all, the Ministry of Ontario curriculum program is ranked #4 internationally

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